Home-Made Cinnamon Rolls

Who loves cinnamon rolls??
I am a total freak when it comes to cinnamon rolls! I love me some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls after a long week of working, I however do not approve of the nutritional value of them. So I set out to find a healthy alternative. I stumbled across Kelly at http://foodiefiasco.com, and her recipe only takes 30 minutes!


And her pictures ^ turned out much better than mine!

You can find her recipe here http://www.foodiefiasco.com/healthy-30-minute-cinnamon-rolls/

Here is the final product of my cinnamon cake haha. I got too impatient to let my dough chill, so when it came time to roll everything together.. well use your imagination. I love these cinnamon rolls! So easy and delicious! I made my own frosting by mixing cream cheese, sugar and almond milk but they are fine without it!


Try them and let us know what you think! Definitely going to be a frequent one at my house!


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